Camp El Planet aims at facilitating “training camps” for groups of cyclists, climbers, hikers / mountain walkers, golfers, activity seekers and football – and handball teams. There’s a number of other sports and leisure activities than can be enjoyed in the region as well, but these are the activities that we focus on. People with other passions that those mentioned are certainly more than welcome to stay with us. However, our experience, network and access to local facilities is not unlimited. In other words, we can best serve the guests who aim for an active stay where either cycling, climbing, hiking, golfing, football or handball (or a combination) is a dominant ingredient.

  • Football (soccer): We have long experience in being hosts for football teams having their annual practice camp on the Costa Blanca. Check out this link for more information on football.
  • Handball: Combined the management of Camp El Planet have many decades of handball experience. Elin has been coaching for a number of years as well as being general manager of Ski IL Handball. As with football we can guarantee a memorable and valuable practice camp for those who select Camp El Planet and the Costa Blanca region.Check this link for more information on handball.Camilo Cano 2 Deportivo Altea 2 10341519_10155154559235581_8602462164027787332_n
  • Cycling: Costa Blanca has long been recognized as being among the absolutely best cycling areas in Europe. The warm and dry climate combined with a very varied terrain provide for ideal training conditions. You can pick between multitudes of routes; practically tailor-make a route according to whatever desires and needs you must have. Along the coast the routes are relatively flat whereas inland the routes are quite hilly. Click this link for more information on cycling.
  • Climbing: The rock climbing in Costa Blanca is very extensive and varied but more important is the fantastic quality of the routes. By and large; good quality bolted limestone. The rock climbing varies from short single pitch road side crags through to long multi-pitch routes in the mountains. Click this link for more information on climbing.
  • Hiking / Mountain walks: Being Norwegians we are not easily impressed when it comes to mountains. That said, the Costa Blanca mountains are by all means impressive. Click here to find out why we are so excited about the Costa Blanca mountains.DSC00688 Climbing 1
  • Golf: Costa Blanca is among the premier golf destinations in Europe. And for good reason. The nice climate and the density of high quality golf courses says it all. Click this link to find out more about the golf offering.
  • Aktiv ferie: Om du ønsker å kombinere sol og strand med mosjon er det mange muligheter for det i området. Vi har allerede presentert en del muligheter i teksten over, men det er atskillig flere aktiviteter du muligens finner interessante. Klikk her og du blir presentert for ytterligere noen.