Active holiday

The Costa Blanca offers a huge number of possibilities for those looking for an active holiday. We have already introduced a number of these; cycling, hiking, climbing, golfing and team sports like football and handball. There are numerous tennis clubs and tennis courts in the area and there’s ample capacity for those wanting to hit a few balls. And for the less fainthearted there’s also the possibility of water canyoning, potholing, river rafting and in Busot we find Spain’s largest and deepest cave system. As for water sports there are many possibilities; sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, kite surfing, paddle surfing and snorkeling.  From Camp El Planet you can reach most of the venues within a modest car ride. Behind many of these activities you will find a number of very professional and trustworthy organizers. If you plan for a week packed with different activities it’s probably a good idea to check out their websites as you make your plans.

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